Against ransomwares that encrypt files.


Against ransomware and data loss.


If need it, we can provide you also online backup service for strengthen your data security.


Ransomware won't be able to get your data.


Since 2015 ransomware is spreading dangerously; ransomware it is a malicious software that encrypts data files and extort their victims requesting a high amont money ransom for get their data back.


The payment of the ransom DOES NOT GUARANTEE, in most cases, victims will recover ther information.

Solution? RansomWardian

  • RansomWardian software licenses
  • Keep you from being a victim of ransomWare
  • RansomWardian keeps your information and your computer system protected
  • Constantly updated annual licenses
  • Personal, professional, education and expert versions.


  • We were infected by Cryptolocker and lost all the work of years. Afterwards, we installed RANSOMWARDIAN licenses in all our workstations.

    John Mayer (UK)

  • The hospital where I work was attacked by Locky ransomware. We paid 283,6725 krones (30.000�) for getting back patients medical histories. Now we have RANSOMWARDIAN in all the computers.

    Annbj�rg Haakonsson (Norway)

  • We couldn't recover our data after ransomware attack and we lost customer data base, invoices, e-mails and all. We can't afford such disaster again, we have bought RANSOMWARDIAN for all of us.

    Jean Pierre Villiers (France)


RW Software

RansomWardian software for protect your computers from ransomware.

RW Protection

Annual license per each computer you want to protect from ransomware.

RW Security

Keep your computers protected and away from ransomware.

RW Prevention

For computers with Windows operative system.

RW Reputation

Downtime for a ransomware attack causes economic and reputational losses.

RW Integrity

We protect the integrity of your data, the most important aset nowadays.

Ransomware is a malware that infects your computer and encrypts your files, taking away the control over your information and stored data.

Ransomware with file encryption capabilities represents a problem that does not seem to come with a solution for the time being, as the amount of new samples for this malware family has increased dramatically.

Most of the ransomware infections currently being spread in email attachments. Ransomware encrypts victim's data using strong encryption methods and lets a ransom note with payment instructions.

Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, Locky, TeslaCrypt, CoinVault, CTB-Locker, AlphaCrypt, Torrentlocker, DecryptorMax, CryptInfinite, Petya, etc. Nowadays, Hospitals and companies are becoming prime targets for Ransomware, and only 38% of companies are confident they can survive a ransomware attack.

CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt and Locky are today's top 3 ransomware threats.

It is estimated that ransomware infections have doubled in companies last year.

Having installed our RANSOMWARDIAN software protects your computer from ransomwares attack and therefore also your valuable information.

RANSOMWARDIAN it's similar to an antivirus and protects your computer and your data from being kidnapped and encrypted.

Ransomware Numbers

Ransomware for Windows


CTB-Locker Victims in Europe


Cryptolocker Victims


Crypto-Ransomware 2015




35€+21% VAT / license

  • Annual License
  • Protects both pc and data
License Number


Consult / volume

  • License per computer
  • Special Prices
  • Data Protection



Consult / volume

  • License per computer
  • License price according to volume
  • Extra Online Backup optional
  • Data Protection



Consult / volume

  • For large amounts
  • Special prices
  • Special conditions


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